Large format


I love the awkward intimacy of large format photography, it is so personal and unique. You own and physically chose everything, from the film, the chemicals, the temperature, the time, and the paper or scan. It’s such a physical art form and it’s accessibility must be protected. My practice began as a reminiscent rekindling of traditional photographic practices. Materials, making, the tangible and the physical marry together to accent my discontent to inequalities. I’ve never been a trigger-happy shutter bug, I learnt photography on a film camera at college, so I couldn’t afford to me. If it’s possible, everyone should have the opportunity to learn on film it teaches you precision, importance, and the visible mechanics give you the diagram for the technical workings of the instrument.

Bus stop

Ilford hp5 5x4

large format photograph

Far away

Ilford hp5 5x4

5x4 negative copy.jpg

The three Maia's

Portra 160 5x4

The three Maia's came from my original 'empty' series. a series that came from my need to finish my box of portra 160 5x4 before I was cut off from the rental equipment facilities at uni. I ended uni with a project I had never attempted before, taking 'empty' photographs, images that had no deep concept behind them. Images that were spontaneous. I chose to depict my fascination with overt femininity in the form of a silky triptych called the three Maia's. I chose this title because after the images where printed I saw myself staring unapologetically back, which is something I never thought I could be.


Ilford hp5 5x4

Ailsa Shadow.jpg


Kentmere VC SELECT Glossy cut to 10x8 size

5x4 paper negative.jpg

This is a brilliant way of teaching and practicing amateur large format photography, sustainably and economically.